Shell-Game Happy

There is a type of life, this way of living that is beautiful and pure. It involves smiles and spoons and very few dishes being washed.


It’s called “MUGLIFE”.



If you’ve never experienced it, all I can do is truly recommend it from the depths of happiness within my very being. How does one experience MUGLIFE? Well, one simply find the largest mug available, and then does everything with it. Everything that you want to eat can either be eaten with your fingers or out of a mug.

muglife diagram

(A graph, to illustrate how everything I’m talking about is 100% true.)


I used to live entirely by the principles of MUGLIFE. Alas, mugs do not travel terribly well, so I was not able to carry the joys of MUGLIFE with my for most of my travels. I have been building my collection, but it has been so very, terribly, tragically difficult to find completely, absurdly huge mugs in this country. However. On this day, I have found that space of effervescent happiness yet again lies within reach.


I’ve hit the level of MUGLIFE where happiness is a shellgame that will always end one way:

with tea.


(The less-awesome mug is included for scale purposes, to express HOW AWESOME MUGLIFE MUGS ARE.)



Clearly superior.


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