Hailing a Cab

I have…absolutely no experience with the hailing of cabs.

When I was living in England, and we needed a cab we would walk to the dispatch office and wait in the warm comfort of their office, and they would call us a driver to pick us up (which, seriously, *awesome*).

I have gotten picked up by cabs, when I’ve been wandering around, and then they pull over and say “Hey. You look extremely lost. Where are you going?”

I have never stood on the side of a road and tried to hail a cab down.

Last night, I was walking with my friend, and I mentioned this. We were discussing¬†the fastest way to hail a cab. I jokingly pulled my shirt up, showing…six centimeters of skin, as a very, *very* generous estimate.


At that very moment, a cab pulled a U-turn, and parked next to us, rolled down the window and asked if we needed a ride anywhere.


…I still don’t feel like I’ve actually hailed a cab.


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