Unwelcome Recognition

The other night I got home, the light was on in the kitchen, the back door was open and…

the house was coated in black, winged insects.


I immediately though of termite swarms, because those are terrible, awful, and I don’t need anymore of them in my life at this moment, thank you very much.

(Okay, they’re kind of incredibly beautiful when they’re outside, and not damaging the house that you’re living.

I called out my housemate, because she likes insects, and we spent the next while staring at this picture


figure out where one the chart our new occupants landed.



It was not my most favourite way to spend the evening.

(Especially as our neighbours have been dealing with termites, so we’re all a bit paranoid of them here now.)

Phone calls have been made, and we’re going to have someone who doesn’t need clip art to come tell us where we stand on our infestation-meter.

*fingers crossed for not termites!* (Because knocking on wood is a bad idea with termites. (hehehehe))




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