Boogie School

Today I was schooled in Boogie (by a white guy who lives in an attic in Louisville, Kentucky, so that should tell you how much I know about the boogie/funk genre). I also learned a lot about sampling and remixing. Really though, he’s a future D.J. in training, so it’s all about finding and isolating the sounds that speak to you, and then flipping them around so they’re something new.  It was really cool. It was all about the ethnomusicology of it, the syncopation of rhythm.

I was introduced to the website whosampled which is a database of a huge chunk of modern music, and it’s super awesome for when you’re listening to a track and you know where that came from, but just can’t place it.

Also, at this point we’re pretty much all familiar with this:


And probably also this:


But all that came from this:

which is a freaking awesome song.

The rhythm of it is so interesting.

I’ve kind of been looking for a starting place to start learning more about music genres that I haven’t listened to as much, and I’m really excited to have somewhere to start now. There’s so much fantastic music out there. I’m always pumped to find new stuff to listen to.


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