Lost in Louisville

I was hoping to make it to the Big Four bridge, which was built in 1895, and updated in 1929. Now it’s a pedestrian bridge that had its official opening about two days before I hit Louisville. (The only reason I know this history is because no one could tell me why it was called The Big Four Bridge, so I had to look it up. It’s named after the “Big Four Railroad” which was the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis Railway.


Anyway. I didn’t end up getting there.

Instead I ended up at Al’s Farm Market, where I asked the women behind the counter how to get to the Big Four Bridge, and they didn’t know, so we got to go out back and talk to Leroy, the old man watering the flowers.



Leroy did know which direction I needed to go in, and then the ladies from behind the counter wrote me directions from the internet anyway.


Then I went for a wander. I was vaguely following directions, but I wasn’t really all that set on actually reaching my destination. It was more of an excuse to get out and look around.

It was beautiful.


I haven’t gone out and gotten lost in a long time. I think I might have to make a point of it when I get back to Melbourne. I miss it.



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