A “Burning” Update

A while ago, I managed to burn myself pretty fabulously at work.

It’s significantly better now, and I’m back to full use of both of my hands. Yay!


I have learned many things during this period of time, not the least of which being that I’m really quite happy with my level of skill when restricted to the use of my non-dominant hand.

How awesome am I at being ambidextrous?

A story, to illustrate:

The rehearsal dinner for the wedding was a beautiful evening, full of fantastic people and delicious food.

It was also held at a sushi restaurant.

I love sushi. I was not going for the “chicken strip” option. That would have been tragically sad.  Now, usually I hold to my belief that anything can be eaten with one’s fingers, however, on this occasion I was rather compelled to use the offered chopsticks.

(The reason for this stems from the evening I was first introduced to the parents of the bride. I usually eat salad with my fingers, because A) I think it’s more efficient, B) there’s no reason not to, C) I may or may not kind of really suck at eating salad with a fork. Seriously. I’m not really sure how people do it.

Anyway, I was eating my salad with my fingers, and it was pointed out that there were utensils on the table, and then I ended up telling some story about how I lived in the backwood forests, where we eat with our hands until we’ve killed our first bear and then we carve the bones into our first utensils, but we still only really use them on special occasions, and I’m not really sure how it went, but one thing led to another, and the next thing I know I’m sitting at the table demonstrating a moose mating call, which is just…not really an attractive sound by standard measures.

And that was my first impression.)

So, there I was, trying to hold up the farce that I can pass as a reasonably a reasonably-adapted member of society, and use the tools that were available on the table. However, I couldn’t use my dominant hand, because the chopsticks would have been directly on my injury. (And stabbing sushi with a fork doesn’t work. The whole thing just falls apart. I wasn’t willing to deal with that either.)

With the options of using fingers of a fork being ruled out, the only thing I really had left going for me was chopsticks in the non-dominant hand.

This adventure ended it TOTAL SUCCESS.


This is especially awesome, because I tried to learn how to use chopsticks several times, and I never managed to figure it out, until a few months ago when I was staying in New Zealand, so even just a year ago, this feat would have been impossible for me.

I officially crossed “Learn To Use Chopsticks” off my bucket list a while ago, but I feel like I might go back over it in pen, because, being able to use chopsticks in my non-dominant hand feels like levelling up.


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