An Air of Winter

The heater in my awesome hipster house doesn’t work. The fan in it is broken. When the repair crew came by it took three people about five minutes to take it apart, stare at it for a bit, wave some gadgets around and then tell me “Don’t turn this on. It’ll burn down your house.”

We weren’t turning it on anyway, because it doesn’t work, but good to know it will also burn down the house.

So, my house is really quite cold, and I’m hugely appreciating how freaking fantastic my blankets are every night.

I had some friends over the other night, and one of them went to go put some drinks in the fridge. Upon opening the fridge, he decided that the contents of our refrigerator were warmer than the general temperature of the kitchen.

Let’s hear it for layers, friends. Oh yeah!


4 thoughts on “An Air of Winter

    • When I was on the sailboat De La Mer my captain had a saying “If the butter’s gone hard, it’s time to turn around”, because if the weather ever got so cold that you couldn’t just send a knife through the butter, you’ve gotten too far away from the equator.

      It sounds like you’ve got a similar plan. 🙂


  1. I feel your pain. A few years ago our heater died….. at about this time of year…. it took two weeks to replace it…… never been so cold……. an open fireplace helped but it is on the wrong side of the house………. so cold…….I live in the Hills which is great in Summer but at least four degrees colder in Winter.


    • Ooh, a fireplace sounds so lovely right about now…

      Alas, tea will have to suffice, as the closest thing we have to a fireplace is…well, I suppose if we turned on the heater it would sort of become a fireplace, in the way that it would be the place that was on fire… so, yes.

      I’ll be sticking to tea for the foreseeable future.


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