Hollywood Priorities (and a movie recommendation)

I’ve watched a lot of movies recently, in large part because I recently spent a lot of time on airplanes, and when one is confronted with a screen and eighteen hours of sitting in a chair, it seems like as good a time as any to over-indulge in media consumption.

I’ve realized a few things about the way I watch things now; usually I start watching a show because it’s been recommended to me. I’ll watch a movie because my friends say good things about it. I don’t think I realized how much of a filter this is.

I’ve become super aware of how virtually everyone on the screen is a white man. My response to movies now is like “Oh, well. There wasn’t a single non-white person with a speaking part and there was only one woman in the entire film, and her entire existence was defined by her relationship to a man, but I guess other than that it was pretty good. I like this plot twist that happened. I wasn’t expecting that.”

Needless to say, I’ve found that what I’m grading movies on is distinctly not what Hollywood cares about particularly much.

This isn’t to say that I don’t still like movies though. I do. I love movies.

This post actually started because one of the movies that I’ve seen recently I just…really, really liked: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

I wasn’t really expecting to like this movie because the only thing I’d seen about it were some fairly mediocre reviews. I disagree with those reviews. I love this movie.

I’m not trying to say it’s a perfect work, or it’s the best movie ever made, but at this moment in my life, I really connected with it. It’s just…a story about the difference between sitting at the bar, or getting on the plane (or helicopter, as the case may be…)

It’s about how the world is out there, if you can find the courage to set aside all of the fear and all of the pressure of what you “should” be doing, and just give in to the stupid, crazy, awesome that is life.


And the soundtrack is fantastic too.




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