Exploration: Melbourne

I’ve started walking Melbourne.

When I first came to Australia, it was with a distinct intention to stay.

I’ve run through virtually all of my options to actually do that though, so now I’m looking less at “How can I stay” and more at “Where will I go next?”.

I’ve also started exploring Melbourne like I probably should have done at the start.

I landed in Australia, and I already had an apartment. I thought that I would have as long as I wanted to get to know this country. Now I’m coming to terms with the fact that I really don’t have forever.

Staying somewhere forever means learning the rhythm of a place, but more than anything, it means building. Building a support network, building a comfort zone, building a group of friends, a way of life. A new city’s worth of habits.

A temporary commitment is different. It’s exploration. Don’t go to a pub if you’ve already been there. Take the road you didn’t last time, even if you’re not totally sure where it goes. (Especially if you’re not totally sure where it goes.)

Staying somewhere means trying to learn where everything is. Passing through means getting lost on the way to anywhere.

I’ve spent a long time in Melbourne, and there’s so much I haven’t seen, because I wasn’t trying. Knowing that there’s a limit on my time here has sent me back to my old ways of wandering.

I’d forgotten how much I love it.

Maybe it’s okay that I can’t settle in Melbourne. There’s so much exploring still to be done.


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