News From the Home Front

For the past month now, every piece of news I get about what is happening in the United States seems to be about yet another shooting, or a relative that’s gone missing, or someone who’s been put in prison and not sentenced with anything.

Most of the people that I interact with here in Australia have no frame of reference for the kind of institutionalized violence that U.S. seems to be running on lately.

It’s frustrating, because the problems seem so obvious from here. It’s hard because just because the problem may seem obvious doesn’t mean that there’s a solution.

It’s worse because even if there was a solution, I don’t think it would change the situation.

I feel so helpless when it comes to “make the world a better place” or “be the change you want to see” or any of the other meaningless, feel-good inspirational bullshit that people put on posters of waterfalls and sunrises and mountaintops.

Because I am one person, and the world is so big.

The world is so big, and where is anyone supposed to start?

The only person whose actions I can control are my own, and how are the actions of one person ever going to be enough to actually make a difference?

There are so many battles being fought, and so many places where the system is broken.

Perfection is a stupid goal, because people aren’t perfect, and who would be defining “perfection” anyway; but what, then, is an actual, workable goal?

I could fight my entire life for a cause…but what about all of the other things that need fixing?

We can’t take on the entire world…but sometimes it feels like maybe we need to, and what are we supposed to do with that?


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