A Sign at the River

I was walking Melbourne, and I found a park.

Sometimes, it’s just…really obvious which way path you should be taking. This was one of those times.



I went down the stairs and there was a river. There was a shiny disc on one of the rocks in the riverbank, and at first I thought maybe it was litter. It wasn’t.



It was a plaque that is printed with the following inscription:

Here you will have to cross the Darebin Creek. Stop at the creek bank to wash your hands to symbolically resolve those issues that you have no control over, or that cannot be resolved at this time.

Do not waste energy on issues that cannot be resolved. Let them go, or put them to one side for the time being. Dealing with those issues that we can control ensures that we channel our energy toward productive activities that will result in a positive outcome or benefit.

Once you have put aside those issues over which you have no immediate control, you are ready to continue the journey through the gum tree lined valley toward a tranquil wetland.


This is why it’s important to go out an be in the world.  Every time I start freaking out, I get reminded that it’s going to be okay.

I know that I’m crazy lucky, and incredibly privileged, but it’s moments like this that make me feel like the world has my back.



3 thoughts on “A Sign at the River

    • I think it’s called the Darebin Park(lands?). I think it’s in…Fairfield, maybe? Or Ivanhoe.

      I’m a really terrible person to ask for directions because my way of finding things is getting lost.


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