A Miley-Themed Meeting

I was walking home the other night, and then I saw…what appeared to be a silver sousaphone waiting at the tram-stop.

I was exceedingly intrigued.

Once I made it to the tram stop, I foudn out that it was not actually a sousaphone, but instead a giant silver mylar balloon in the shape of a 2.

I’m guessing it was for a 22nd birthday, but I really have no idea.

There were two women accompanying the giant balloon, and they were quite excited because they’d been into the Central Business District, and had gotten a cassette signed by their favourite band. (I had no idea who the band was, and was mostly impressed with the fact that this woman kept a cassette tape in her purse and that a band signed it. So, she’s my hero for the day for that.)

Maybe I brought it up, with all my talk of sousaphones, but they decided that we should all make music together.

After I was forced to admit my lack of skill in beatboxing, they decided the best thing we could do was sing Miley Cyrus.

I can’t deny. I was totally expecting it to be a moment like this one:

That…wasn’t the song they went for, and unfortunately, my repertoire of Miley Cyrus is rather limited.

This one? I got.

This one? No problems!

Which one did they start signing?

This one…

Which I know…approximately half the lyrics of the chorus. I did know that there were some “oooh” bits though, so I was pretty good at catching those.

Then I continued on my way home.

I love this city.


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