Hope Vs. Change

I told my friends that about my potential plan to leave Melbourne.

A huge part of why that plan came into being is because most of the jobs that a person can get as a traveler, you go to your boss to say “I need to take a month off.” and they’re like “So…you’re quitting?” because it’s all casual work. I have spent an enormous amount of my time in Melbourne searching for a job. If I’m going to be getting back and having to look for a job…I could do it somewhere where work is easier to find.

When I told my friends though, suddenly plans started coming out. “Oh, you know I have a friend who runs a bar.” “I know of this place, and they always need extra people in August. Let me call them for you.” “What if we could get you a job now so it’s waiting for you when you get back?”

And it’s wonderful, and I feel so cared for, but at the same time I’m conflicted.

Because if I leave Melbourne, it’ll just be another trip; another adventure, another chance to explore.

And all of these offers just make me hope. Because what I want hasn’t changed: I want to live in Australia. So, what if I had this job waiting for me in Melbourne, and then I took it, and they loved me, and I got sponsored, and then I could stay in my fantastic house with all of my awesome friends in this beautiful city I’ve fallen in love with…


So, I suppose I’m just at the stage where I’m attempting to keep all options open for as long as I can.

We’ll see what the future brings.


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