A Life Outside the Temperate Zone

For a moment, there was heat.

Alas, we seem to have fallen into the warmth of our house too quickly, and now, a tragic darkness lies where a pilot light should be guiding our way.

Instead of a friendly whirring of the fan, punctuated by the occasional clang of someone adjusting the thermostat…there is empty, lonely, cold, silence.

At least we are not yet out of reach of our previous habits. We have been driven back into thick socks and the constant companionship of tea.

It was a brief, fleeting, beautiful spark of luxury, that brought to mind beaches, and baking, and campfires, but the heat wave is gone (until we can next find a repairman of worthy regard. Clearly our last attempt was less successful than we had originally hoped).

Until then, we are back to dreaming…



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