The Aquabats Super Show!

After an awesome night in the epic blanket fort, my friend and I had a breakfast consisting of the left over junk food we hadn’t managed to eat yet. So, gummy snakes, starbursts, this crazy chocolate that had M&M’s, pop rocks and gummies in it (Seriously. Mad crazy. It felt like something that a preschooler developed pushing buttons at Willy Wonka’s factory. It was also most excellent.) and cold popcorn. YUM!

What better way to set the mood for such delightful insults to nutrition as to marathon the entirety of season 1 of the Aquabats Super Show! (I ended up explaining The Aquabats Super Show to someone thus: imagine Yo Gabba Gabba decided to reboot Adam West’s Batman, only starring a completely absurd rock band. I maintain that it’s a very good idea of what one is getting into when sitting down to watch this show.) It’s clearly pretty much the best thing ever.




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