I love karaoke.

This time around, we found a perfect karaoke place kind of by accident.

We were on our way to a super popular, super busy karaoke place, and then stopped to get food. When we left the restaurant, there was a giant poster advertising free karaoke and four dollar beer for ladies.


It was totally empty. The lady running the night, Liz, was awesome. It was essentially me and my two friends passing the microphone back and forth as we did whatever we felt like. It was fantastic.

It was unlike any karaoke night I’ve ever been to before. The karaoke machine wasn’t in English, and there was no list of songs to choose from. We had to come up with stuff, and then Liz would check her database to see if she had it. The “music videos” being played behind the lyrics were what looked like clip reels from Windows Movie Maker, or maybe B reels from travel infomercials.

It was a beautiful night.


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