A Typo and a Joke

I went out to the comedy room that my housemate runs, which is usually pretty fun. There’s a really awesome “mystery spot” program, so there are always a lot of comedians there, hoping for a spot. It’s really great because you get to see a lot of different styles in one night.

This night was particularly awesome for being a really wide range of humour. Everybody was really funny and there was definitely something for everyone.

Also, I got called up for a mystery spot! So, that was pretty fun. It was one of my first times doing stand-up in front of a crowd that wasn’t entirely/almost entirely comedians. My name also got misspelled in a bit of an unfortunate way, but it all turned out alright.

It definitely didn’t suck. I’m not totally awesome at stand-up yet. There’s definitely an art to it that I need a lot more practice with, but I’m not, like, noticeably terrible, and that’s really enough for me right now. I’ll get better with time. Until then, I’m solidly mediocre.

I’ve always been good with solidly mediocre.


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