“Lost” is not the problem

I have reached the point where I’ve done enough walking that I can no longer get lost. Within any reasonable walking distance, that is. If I was willing to go on a walk that took longer than five hours I could still conceivably get lost. Very little of it would be getting lost though. The majority of that walk would be getting to the place that I would be able to get lost.

I’m far less enthused about going on walks when I know exactly where I’d be going in any direction.

It’s really nice to be able to just step out the door and know I’ll end up somewhere.

Knowing where that somewhere will be is not necessarily something I want.

I might start hopping on trains to go on walks.

The only problem with this is that if I get lost after getting off a train, I could be *really* lost. The best thing about getting lost on foot is that by definition, I can’t ever get farther than walking distance from where I started, which is perhaps cheating a bit, but whatever. It makes it more of an exploration that “oh shit, I’m lost, how do I get home?”

Le sigh. It’s still a beautiful night though, so off walking I shall go.


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