No Sleep? New Post!

I keep staying up late enough until it’s early, and then the sun rises. It’s beautiful.

It’s strange, I somehow never managed to get used to the sun when it’s still cold outside. When the sky is clear and blue, and the sun is catching all of the dust in the air where it shines through the windows, but if you’re brave enough to step outside, you’ll find it to be just as cold as it was in the dead of night.

I’m really excited to be back in the Northern hemisphere, where it will be warm.  I feel like I’ve been perpetually cold for months.

Sometimes, instead of sleeping, I’ll just put a music video on repeat, and watch it all night long.  This is one I got from hitherandyawn.

He thought it was sad. I thought it was inspiring.

Life hurts sometimes, but you’re going to be okay. It’s good for sunrises, and goodbyes.

It feels like a good fit for these mornings.


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