Melbourne Tour Guide

Today I met up with a couchsurfer originally from Denmark.

I haven’t had a chance to hang out with a couchsurfer in a while. I’d sort of forgotten how much fun it is. (I find that happens, with things that are fun things that don’t happen regularly in my life. I get kind of a fuzzy-vague association of “yeah, that’s good” but I forget how much by “good” I really mean “TOTALLY AWESOME!”. It’s sort of the thing I do with comedy. I forget how awesome it is to go out for a night with the intention of laughing.)

We met for dinner, and I realized that I’ve spent enough time walking around Melbourne, that I actually know where stuff is. We checked out a couple of music venues and ended up at a really cool pub that had a table that was also an game console for arcade classics. We ended up playing a couple rounds of Ms. Pacman and the original Donkey Kong. We sucked pretty hard core, but it was stupidly fun.

We walked to central Melbourne, and I showed off my ghost-tour knowledge.

Then we proceeded to get extremely lost searching for a karaoke bar.

We never did find the one we were looking for. It didn’t really matter though. It’s really nice to hang out with someone who has a good time just going on walks.


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