I am currently in the airport. I left Melbourne 30 hours ago, but somehow it’s still the same day.


And, it’s been over two days (maybe? I think?) since I did that whole “getting sleep” thing.

I can’t sleep on planes, and I don’t get to sleep in an airport, or I’d probably sleep through my flight boarding.

Travel, friends. Time zones.

But really I feel like I’m stuck in some unending, time-looping episode of a sci-fi show. But at least it’s warm here. No more doubling up on socks! No more sleeping in hats! No more putting down roots in front of the heater! I can just go outside, because it’s *JULY*, and to the Northern hemisphere, that means *summer*.


Anyway, I’ve turned to my constant friend, the music video as an anti-sleep aid..

Which I will now inflict upon you. Because you’re reading this blog.



(This is the best version, because this is the one where the dude rips his shirt open at the end.)





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