A Wedding Story

I long ago joined the Universalist Life Church in order to be legally qualified to perform weddings, funerals and baptisms. It just seemed like a good idea. In case of emergencies, I am ready. It’s great.

It also means that I sort of collect stories of brilliant weddings as idea fodder, just in case I am ever needed to take part in a wedding ceremony.

People at weddings often talk about other weddings. Today, I went in to do a soundcheck for a wedding, and I got to talking with the people there about their weddings, and I heard the best wedding story I’ve ever come across.

To set the scene, this was already a Princess Bride-themed wedding, so it was all about this:

The guy getting married told the officent to just…add a bunch of filler, because he wanted to get to a point where he could be all “MAN AND WIFE. SAY MAN AND WIFE.”

The officient asked if there was anything in particular they wanted her to say, and the couple getting married were like “No, just, whatever.”

So, during the wedding, the officient starts talking about how “You’ve finally found the person who will truly be there, and raise you up, and help you out. You’ve finally found the person who is never going to give you up; never going to let you down. Never going to run around or desert you. Never going to make you cry, never going to say goodbye, never going to tell a lie and hurt you.”


They just got rickrolled by their own wedding.

The groom was so shocked he almost forgot his line. The bride laughed so hard she cried.

It definitely goes on the list of “Inspirational Things to Keep In Mind for My Own Hypothetical Wedding”. (At this point, I think the name of the list is longer than the list itself, but whatever.)


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