A Different Kind of Wedding

The wedding that I went to today was different from every wedding I’ve ever been to for the notable reason that….the wedded couple weren’t there.

I mean, they showed up for the ceremony and signed the certificate; there are pictures of cake cutting and a dance, but…the couple that got married missed virtually the entire reception.

I just thought it was really strange.

It wasn’t my wedding, but, I just don’t really understand the point of throwing the big wedding and inviting people…if you’re never going to see them.

It just seems to me that, if all you want is to sign a piece of paper, maybe the wedding part isn’t as necessary.

I have this feeling like, there aren’t very many times in a persons life were it’s socially acceptable to invite literally *every* cool person you have ever met, to all come hang out in the same room.

It seems super strange to me to have fill a place with every cool person you have ever met…and then just…not spend any time with any of them.

I don’t know. It just…seems like it kind of defeats the purpose to me.


Ah well. Despite the oddness, *I* had a great time, because it was a room full of really cool people, and I had a great time meeting them.


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