A Walk Through Bee Balm

I went on a walk to the arboretum with my family. A lot of people made it to town for the wedding and most of them are leaving either tonight or tomorrow morning.

It was a really wonderful chance to climb trees with my cousins.

We took a lot of pictures where people are chewing on wheat stalks.

There was a giant hedge of this beautiful flower:



Which, near as I can tell is some kind of bee balm, and there was huge group of hummingbirds, which is apparently called a “charm”, a “glittering”, a “shimmer”, a “tune”, or a “bouquet”. (Names for collections or birds are *awesome*.)

(If any of you know for sure what that flower is, I’d love to know. It was chock full of honeybees and hummingbirds, and I want to ring my hypothetical yard with it.)


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