Well Hail Fire.

It was strange to get on a plane in rainy, wet, winter and get off in the dry heat of mid-summer. It was strange to leave an abnormally wet rainy season and end up in the middle of drought and record-setting fires.

There have been days when I thought the sun hadn’t risen because the sky was so dark with smoke.

Today I was downtown, and the sky was clear and sunny. A grey cloud passed overhead, but I thought nothing of it. A man on the sidewalk said “If I still lived in Iowa and the sky looked like that, I’d be getting in the basement.”

(I was walking in Missouri once and I was going past a construction site, and the men working there pointed at the sky and said “Do you see that green tinge there in the clouds?” and I saw it, and I thought it was crazy and amazing and bizarre, and then I was informed that a green sky means there’s about to be a tornado, so I should get back to wherever I was staying and get in the storm cellar. Right now. (There was indeed a tornado that afternoon. It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.))

A few minutes after this notice of the strange turn in the sky, it went from nothing, to some of the largest hail I’ve ever seen in my life.20140724_082157


(The hail had melted a bit by the time I took this picture, because I’m not enough of a “true” photographer to stand out *in* the hail to get a good picture *of* the hail.)

(I did however take a really good hit to the back of the head. It stung.)

The local farmers market had only jut finished setting up.

There were some un-planned “hail-sales” that happened.


(The tomatoes were just as tasty though.)


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