Sushi Time

I am back in the town of Bellingham, and it is beautiful. I am staying at a place known as “Sushi House”, and there are people everywhere. It’s amazing.  There’s a dirty kettle on the stove, and an entire shelf of tea.

There are a million things happening. There’s a cooking party happening upstairs, there are lego pieces scattered all over the table in the hallway. There are people lounging on the couches watching T.V. There are video game tournaments and card games and people hiding behind doorways pretending they have enough motivation to actually get work done on the homework that’s due.

There are offers of companionship and adventure on the lips of every person who goes through the door.

It’s just a huge group of people who have worked together to build a place that they all love to inhabit.

I am so happy to be here.


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