Living Room Dance Party

I’ve been learning a bit about blues dancing – or, probably more blues/fusion dancing, which is *amazing*.

I’ve been in several different types of dance before. I’ve been on dance teams that specialize in hip-hop, I’ve attended contra dances, I’ve taken ballet and tap and clogging and belly dance.

Blues dancing is strange to me because I feel like this is the first time I’ve ever encountered a style of dance that didn’t feel instinctive to me on some level. The style of movement was just never what I expected it to be, and that is *so cool*.

Blues dancing is definitely going on my list of things to explicitly seek out in the future. I’ll definitely have a crazy learning curve, but it would be *so awesome* to be good at blues dancing.


Anyway. We had a dance party in the basement of Sushi house, and it was fantastic. The lights were turned out and people mostly managed to not trip over couches, or each other.

It definitely wasn’t even mostly blues dancing, but it was most certainly entirely fun.


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