Trek in the Park

I am now in Seattle.

I can tell, because in addition to Shakespeare in the park, there is *STAR TREK* in the park. Before the production, there was a Q&A with Marc Okrand, the linguist who *created* the klingon language.

It was a whole bunch of geeks getting sunburned to watch a live performance of Star Trek.

Also known as: I have found my people.

20140806_065955    20140806_070010

This summer, the production was the infamous mirror-verse episode wherein the viewer could tell somoeone was evil if they had an eyepatch, a scarf or facial hair. (They passed out mustache-printed bandaids to the audience if people wanted to hide in the alternate universe disguised as their evil counterparts. It was pretty much perfect.)

They adapted the T.V. script into the format of an outdoor play, and it was *beautiful*.

The music was done live by a band with a banjo, an accordion, a dobroh and a washboard. (Their version of the theme song might be the best one I’ve ever heard.)

Kirk and Spock were both played by petite women and I was SO HAPPY the entire time.


This production is actually online in it’s entirety, so if you’re interested….it’s fantastic.



I love this city.


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