A Bus to the Past

This morning, I got on a Greyhound Bus for the first time in my life.

I was accompanied by one of my oldest, dearest friends.


Seven years ago, we used to walk the halls of our school,  connected by headphones. She had an MP3 player and I had this bizarre denim C.D. case that I wore like a purse. We would split our two sets of hheadphones and sync the same song on our respective media players. (This is how I found out that I could,  I  fact,  hear the difference between a C.D. track and the more stripped-down mp3 format.)


We got on the bus and split headphones. This time, our playlist was more focused on the likes of Nirvana than musicals and pop-rock of younger days.

So, some Nirvana:

And some nostalgia:


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