Holding Space; Sharing Stories

I had the chance to hear a story from one of my uncles this evening.

Sometimes, it’s a bit hard for me to talk with him, because he has lived his life in a way to focus on seeing the beauty of god in the make-up of every cell of every thing in every moment.

I’m still at a point in my relationship with religion that I’m trying to edit out “bless you” at sneezes and I’m attempting to find alternative curse words that don’t somehow invoke Christianity. (Seriously. That’s freaking *difficult*.)

However, I try really hard to make a point to talk with him every chance I can, because he experiences so much beauty in life, and is always trying to find ways to share that beauty with others.

Every time I talk with him, I have something new to think about; some new lesson to try and incorporate into my own way of percieving the world.

We were sitting out, in the clear night, underneath the street-lamp bright moon, and he said it was time to share stories. He said “Every time someone speaks, it is their universal truth. It is our job to hold space for everyone, so they have a chance to share their truth.”

Because everyone has a story to tell, and every story is worthy.

Lately, I’ve become a lot more self-righteous in my judgement of people. To me, at this moment, this was as very good thing to hear. My perception of it right now is as a reminder to listen honestly and openly; to not place my own values on the experiences of others.

I have a feeling that the meaning of this might change as I revisit it, and that’s why I think it is a very good lesson to have in my life right now.




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