Blogging in Real Life

I…hate my computer.

My laptop and I have never gotten along. We’ve been fighting since it has very first came into my possesion.

To explain why I hate my laptop, I shall simply put it this way: It rarely turns on and doesn’t charge.

Though this situation is due to change in no time, as one of my friends was gracious enough to give me the best kind of gift: the kind that includes a challenge.   I’ve been given a computer with the beginnings of Arch on it, and I cannot wait to dig into it.

But, as I’ve been travelling in the U.S., I’ve been staying with friends and family every step of the way, so I’ve been lucky enough to be able to borrow computers everywhere I’ve been staying.

Every computer I’ve used has had this blog bookmarked.

Perhaps it’s an arrogant thing to point out to the entirity of the internet, but it’s just…a very present thing. I feel…extremely cared for. The people that I love (who I am often really quite terrible at keeping up with), they keep track of me anyway.

 It’s been a bit surreal; me bringing up a story of something that’s happened, and someone saying “Oh yeah! I read about that on your blog!”


don’t regularly interact with…anyone, actually, who reads my blog, so it was kind of really fun to get some live-feedback from the people who know me from more than just this.




So…thank you all, dear readers, for taking the time out of your lives to read about mine. You are all fantastic.




5 thoughts on “Blogging in Real Life

  1. Arch is awesome if you want to learn linux. Arch is a pain in the rear if you want to get stuff done. Personally, I like Linux Mint for actually getting things done. My old macbook has Linux Mint on it. That said, I do have arch installed on a raspberrypi and running on AWS.

    In case you want to check it out…


    • Oh! Also, if you like Arch and want to learn more, check out and OpenBSD is awesome, secure, and are the creators of awesome tools like OpenSSH that keeps the world running. FreeBSD has more devs, though, and is probably a better starting point.


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