Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

While in Melbourne, I’ve gotten into the habit of applying for jobs en masse. Things like “Okay, I’ll send out a minnimum of ten a day for the next two weeks” or “I’m sending out thirty before lunch”.

Yesterday, I sent out applications.

Today, I got calls.

I’ve never been in this position. Usually, when I’m “shopping for jobs” it means that I’m searching for anything to apply for that I have any chance at all of possibly getting.

Today, “shopping for jobs” feels more like…purchasing a horse, or looking at houses, (or other things that I have, until today, only imagined doing).

I must confesss: the Melbourne job market was beginning to give me a it of a complex about being utterly un-hireable.

I think maybe I was just applying for the wrong jobs (or, more probably, applying in the wrong place).

Now I get to choose which job I want, instead of which job can I get.

(I asked the internet, and 100% of the people polled said “Go to Perth!” So, Naturally, I’m getting on a plane in two days to go to Darwin.

(I am so excited to be warm!!!)




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