Adventures with F.I.D.O.

I happened to be in town for Situation Comedy tonight. My

comedy friends showed up to say hi, and we hatched a plan for a blanket fort party tomorrow night. YES!

(What? I’m sorry. Me? Sleep? Before a flight? Outrageous!)

After comedy, we went to a chip shop, where the folks at the table next to us taught everyone that it’s bad for your health to fall in love at the Copa Cabana.

I hit back with the elevator-classic Girl from Impanema.

We were all topped by a song that’s new to me: Yes Sir, I Can Boogie.

Our dance party also brought up the song “Wooly-Bully”,

which apparently put my compatriots in mind of high school, steal-the-rival-mascot-style pranks and hijinks. So, we went to spent some quality time with F.I.D.O.

Who is F.I.D.O.? Why, the Fairfield Industrial Dog Obect, of course!

I have lived by F.I.D.O. for months, and only tonight learned that this dog is filled with wires to power it’s red-lit eys and “bark” noise. (Which sort of makes me wonder if F.I.D.O.  is a missing Hellhoumd from Good Omens, or the like…)

We definitely did not try to see if it was at all possible to open up and hide peope inside, trojan-horse style.



That would be absurd.

And require more tools than a lights and a tire lever.


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