The Bark Hut

I got on the plane dressed in layers. I have been shedding ever since. I walked off the plane and wished that I was wearing something without sleeves, or shorts or at the very least lighter socks.

I walked off the plane and into…the Australia from all of the movies. The horizon is greyed out from smoke, but “Not anything dangerous. Just the usual fires”. The car I was in was nearly hit by a kangaroo. We slowed down, swerved to avoid it, and then it turned around and proceeded to jump towards the car.

Kangaroos are A) dumb, and B) seriously pests out here.

I’m working at the Bark Hut Roadhouse, where the staff gets to enjoy our collective pets: We have two water buffalo – Jack and Jill, three emu, Franklin the turtle, and Betty the Olive Python who lives under the staff house.

And it’s warm.


Did I mention it’s warm?




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