In Darkest Night

I wish I words for the night sky here. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

It feels almost…untouched. There’s no reflection from stadium  lights. There’s no skyline of jenga-stacked lights in highrise buildings. There’s no spilloff from nearby streetlights.

It’s just dark and stars and a slip of moon.

The night sky looks like forever, but also so close, like I could reach up and dip my hands in it; feel the galaxies between my fingers, scratch the stardust under my nails.

I fee like I’m breathing in the space between stars. All of the not-quite, the almost-there. The you-can’t-see-me-yet, just-wait.

The sun takes most of the heat with it, but this is the warm kind of nightdark, that just lets you be still and quiet and living and eternal.



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