An Aussie Named Ozzie

I was picked up yesterday by a man driving a truck that was hauling a crane.

He didn’t have many teeth, so we didn’t talk much, but we cranked up the AC/DC and sang the whole time.

I learned that the Northern Territory is most beautiful during the wet season (This is the kind of place that doesn’t have four seasons; it has two: wet season and dry season.) when the flood planes become fields of blooming lilies.

I learned that the roads wash out every. single. year. which isn’t all that surprising, because as you drive down the road there are posts that are to show how deep the water is. These posts are all at least a meter and a half tall. The highest water mark that I’ve seen is 1.4 meters.

Not something I’d want to drive a car through.

I learned that when in doubt, every single plant that grows out here is just “bush”.

I got dropped off in Berrimah which is a suburb-type-place near Darwin.

(Pro-tip, friends: If you have a student I.D. card, keep it with you for always. Because they count for concession prices for everywhere. It’s *awesome*.)


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