Seduced by Waterfalls

When I finally got into Darwin yesterday, I had no idea where I was staying. I knew that pretty much all of the hostels are on Mitchell Street (Hostels always seem to be clumped together. If there’s one, there’s like, a million of them. I have no clue why this is, but it seems to be extremely true everywhere.)

I was totally lost, and then there was a bikini car wash.

I was working up the courage to ask the bikini-clad girls for directions, when magically there was a couple who were both wearing the gear of backpackers.

I then proceeded to stalk them to the hostel they had the address to.

Unfortunately, that hostel had no wireless, and seeing as how my entire purpose of this trip is *internet*, that wasn’t where I was going to stay. I explained what I was after, and they gave me their recommendation for the hostel with the best internet.

That hostel…was entirely booked.

Across the street was a place with waterfalls.

I went there.

(It probably wasn’t the best decision. It was definitely a party-hostel, and people were up all night long. I couldn’t help it.




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