A Compute Disaster

Okay, friends; a note:

Don’t expect to get *anything* from Hostel internet. It doesn’t matter if they tell you it’s “unlimited”.

It is limited.


*Extremely* limited.

So, my “relaxing” weekend ended up being an exercise in patience and my ability to not defenestrate my computer when my levels of frustration reached beyond what I was capable of enduring.

I ended up with corrupted file after corrupted file that took hours to download.


Which, to be honest, I probably should have expected.

My adventures in Linux have continued to stall out.

(I did manage to get my computer *working* though, so at least now I have something functional.


Oh, keyboard, how I love you so.

I missed you when I was attempting to do…well, pretty much anything on a touchscreen “keyboard”.)




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