Morning After

Last night was *Amazing*.

It was…honestly, I think pretty much the best first gig that I could have ever hoped to have.

It wasn’t any kind of big production or anything. It felt like sitting in my living room goofing around with friends.

Only my friends were the occupants of the Roadhouse, and I was on a bit of a stage.


It’s teh kind of gig that I’ve always wanted to do, where I don’t pretend to be the best at an

ything, and I don’t need to be polish-perfect.

I stop in the middle of songs and explain why they aren’t technically, scientifically correct.

I tell stories about crazy times and random facts.

It wasn’t straight music, because that’s not really how I roll.

It’s the bits and pieces found in the cupboard thrown together. It may not be the prettiest thing that you’ve ever seen, but I guarantee it will taste good.


Last night’s gig was fantastic. People laughed, they sang along, I took requests…It was wonderful.


I get to do it again!


Have I mentioned recently that I really like working here?


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