Further Observations on Cheese

I keep thinking that someday I’ll get over the fact that Australasia seems to think that “Tasty” is an acceptable name for a type of cheese, but that day has not yet come.


In the meantime, I get to rejoice in the absurdities that stem from “Tasty” cheese.


This is one of my favorites:




“Shredded fine tasty”.

I’m not sure if it’s a pick-up line or a skateboarding move, but aapparently it’s also a cheese.


I’m aactually starting to think that Australians just… use the same words for cheese that also apply to crocodiles. (Crocodile is tasty. Just for the record.)



but, truly. “Strong & Bitey”.

Australia. What are you doing? Is this how you talk to your cheese? I just… I don’t even know.






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