Illegal Snakes

It is illegal to kill most snakes that live in Australia.

Speicifically…most of the ones that will kill *you*.

Australians, in a fit of being…well, actually really pretty much totally reasonable, started killing deadly snakes on a sight.

Eventually, Australians also became so good at *spotting* these deadly snakes that the deadly snakes became endangered.

So, now it is against the law to kill a killer snake.

So…if we find a King Brown or a not-at-all-worryingly-named Death Adder hanging out by the laundry at night, we just…have to warn everyone that, no, seriously, *you must have a light* when walking.
On the other hand…. I found a shedded snake skin outside of the kitchen this morning! It was in really good shape too, the head of the snake was almost entirely intact! i could see where the eyes of the snake were! It was *awesome*!

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