Art Fairy

I’ve realized recently that I have a really intense drive to…buy people art supplies.

If I’m talking with someone, and they mention that the only thing standing between where they are, and being able to pursue their art is not having the tools…I will genuinely do whatever I can to help out.

If someone says “I have a ukulele back home, but I haven’t been able to find one in Australia.”

If I hear “All of my watercolors got stolen.”

To me, that sort of just means that…next time I go to town I’ll see if I can find anything to fix the situation.

I just… I have really strong feelings about people being able to pursue art.

I think it’s a really, *really* important part of life. If I have the resources to help, I will.

If someone doesn’t make the time to spend with their art, or if someone is having trouble learning techniques in their art….I can’t really help with that.

I just really don’t want the thing to be keeping someone from art to be…lack of stuff.

Stuff is everywhere. Stuff comes and goes.

*Art* is important.

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