A New Sound for Bark Hut

We recently acquired a new manager here at the Roadhouse, and he sort of…took a look around and declared that we should be a “country pub”.

Not as in “a pub in the country” but as in “a pub wherein the patrons prefer to listen to country.”


Except…it’s a bar full of tourists…who don’t usually listen to country, and tradies, who *also*…don’t usually listen to country. (Seriously. When was the last time you walked by a construction site, or garage and heard… it’s not even *good* country. It’s the super-yodel-y country, which, I mean, like all music has a style and an art to it, but I would definitely call it an acquired taste.

And I’ve never met someone who comes home covered in grease every night who actively seeks out yodelling country to listen to at work.

I would say that most folk I know who work all day at building things or fixing things… usually go for classic rock?

It has to be music that sounds good when turned up enough to be heard over machinery.

So…pretty much AC/DC to ZZ Top.

(What we had been playing was just…mtv top 40 shit, but honestly, people are really used to that. It gets piped in everywhere. It’s what gets played in shops, there’s a reason that everyone knows those songs. It’s because they’re impossible to escape from.)

(Additionally, even if you don’t *like* top 40, which, a lot of folks don’t (probably mostly because it is seriously *SO* repetitive) it’s usually fairly…upbeat? Like, when we’re listening to yodelling country, not only do people not like it, but it also leaves people saying things like “This song is such a downer.” It’s very “Lose your girl, lose your truck, lose your dog, and it starts raining” country. With top 40, I have heard people say “I don’t really like this song, but it makes me happy. I don’t know why.”

If you ask me, that’s *much* better music to be playing.)

Yodelling Country Vs. Obnoxious-But-Happy Top 40.

I’m definitely on the side of Top 40.

(Though, confession. I really do love pop music. A lot. It’s fun. Stupid, usually, but fun.)

(I mean, my vote is still classic rock, but seeing as how they won’t let *me* run the radio, I simply must press on.)



The song that was playing as I typed this:

(The irony of it closing the Hank Williams circle started in the Blues Brothers clip is tangible.)


2 thoughts on “A New Sound for Bark Hut

  1. Uh-oh, sounds like trouble…
    Do you have a good pair of headphones so you can surreptitiously listen to Tim Minchin,
    Amanda Palmer, Mika &, of course, AC/DC & ZZ Top… 🙂 Love ya! Mom

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I’m definitely hiding in the kitchen a lot, where we have our own stereo. The music in the kitchen is *Awesome*.

      Seriously. If I hear *one more song* about *GRITS*…I might have to burn something down.

      I’m in Australia. Australians don’t even know what grits *are*!!!!


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