Beware the Jabberwock

I spent the day on the Mary River, which I’m…pretty much entirely convinced is through Alice’s Looking Glass.

I learned that Jabiru’s eat Bandicoots, while Brolga birds stand by.

Also, that crocodiles are not the solid green-grey you think they are.

They’re checked yellow-and-black like checker boards.

I always thought that crocodiles hunted on the top of the water, because whenever I see them in documentaries or anything, they’re always doing the log-impersonation thing.

Crocodiles *do not* hunt on top of the water.

They can hold their breath for almost an hour, and they sit on the bottom of the river and they wait for something to obscure the sunlight filtering through the water and then they pounce.


I’ve never been on water that you genuinely cannot play in.

At all.

You’re told to not even put a hand in the water, because you never know if there are crocs below.


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