Grease Drop

I think that I have discovered the cause of the fireballs in the kitchen.


There is a vent over the grill, and it is…kind of totally gross. It doesn’t seem to matter how often or how thoroughly it is cleaned.

All of the grease that evaporates off the grill gets caught on the vent and condenses.

Then, it drips on you.

It brings a whole new meaning to “greasy hair”. Because grease is dripping onto your head.

(I think the worst that I’ve seen was when we had this French girl in the kitchen, and she was helping us to make properly awesome crepes. She was at just the right height that the grease would drip down her shirt.



The grease used to be centered mainly around the grill. However, (I think with the increase in humidity) the grease now drips from every corner of the vent.

Including over the deep-fryer.

I think what’s happening is that grease is dripping into the exhaust ports of the deep fryers and igniting, causing a tiny fireball.


At least, I’m going with that, because it makes me feel a whole lot better than “EXPLOSIONS IN THE KITCHEN!!!!”


3 thoughts on “Grease Drop

  1. Good call. Just make sure YOU’RE not over the deep fryer when the grease drips and the fireball flames up.That would bad, not good… Love ya!


    • Yeah. Generally speaking, it’s usually a good idea to avoid the fireballs.
      (Unless it’s a terrible screenplay, and you need to magically be transported somewhere. Then you can get hit with a fireball and you’ll wake up somewhere else all deus-ex-machina-y.

      Or something like that.)


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