Chef Swap

We have a new chef in the kitchen, and he’s *awesome*.

(I have to admit that I was really kind of nervous, because he’s a kind of middle-aged guy, and the last two of those that we’ve had come here are…not really the type of people that I want to spend time with.

Any time with.

Pretty much at all.



This guy is super cool. It’s just…a super chill kitchen – which is a rare and beautiful thing – and it’s really wonderful to work in.

Also, we get along musically, which is…bizarre, honestly, because usually I come in with the line of “Hey, I’m going to put music on, if you hate something let me know and I’ll skip it”, and then I can kind of tailor the kitchen soundtrack to the people working (because *I* like everything I’ll put on. So I just make sure *they* like it too and then everyone is happy!)
So, I started my line, and he was like “No, I really don’t hate music. In fact, I was staying in a hostel the other day, and I put on classical to drown out the noise, so I could fall asleep”.
He sings along to everything too.
Best. Kitchen. Ever.

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