Distinctly *Not* French

The Roadhouse is a crazy echoing cavern of gossip. (As, I suppose, is extremely likely in a tiny, remote place with a static population of approximately *ten*.)

Whenever something new happens, pretty much everybody knows about it *immediately*. (This probably isn’t helped by the fact that the walls between the rooms of the staff quarters may as well be paper for all the good they do to block sound.)y

So, when we were going to get two new ladies to join the staff, we all knew about it: Two French girls, one’s a cook, one’s a housekeeper.

Then, these two women arrive, and *everyone* thinks they’re going to be French (they were booked into our computer as “Mr. French Gal 1” and “Mr. French Gal 2”.) and they  are both very confused, as one of them is from England and the other is Scottish.


Gossip: Seriously bad at conveying *real* information.


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