A *New* New Chef

Our new chef is amazing. She’s fulfilling her English stereotype of being unceasingly proper.

Which is actually kind of really cool for me, because it means that I get to learn all of the little things about how it *should* be.

It’s one of those things, about working with someone who actually  knows what they’re doing.

Most of the people that work in the kitchen here – we’re not chefs by trade. We didn’t go to school for it, we don’t know all of the rules. We’re all people who do other stuff, but were willing to work in the kitchen, and then…sort of got consumed by the kitchen and never left.

(It’s a friendly black hole though. It’s got a great stereo, and all of the food you could ever eat. It’s also got some pretty fantastic company. The kitchen crew is pretty strictly awesome folks at the moment. It’s fabulous.)


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