Familiar Flight

I’m starting to look for other places to go. (Which is extremely frustrating, because I don’t have that much time left on my visa. It takes time to find work, so by the time I lined something up, it would be *very* short-term placement.)

The atmosphere at the roadhouse has shifted dramatically. It’s not something people are looking forward to, anymore. It’s something that people are dragged out to do.

I don’t like working in situations where I am so, completely, wholly, unhappy.

It kind of goes against…everything that I’m trying fill my life with.

I’m also hesitant to actually talk to the manager, because I’m pretty sure I’d manage to get myself fired. (Meaning that I feel like the manager is sort of actively *looking* for a reason to fire me.)

I think I might have mentioned that we *really* don’t get along…?



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