A Moment for Conflicting Desires

(Also Known As: “Here! Have a Rant About Plants That Came From Absolutely Nowhere!”)


On the one hand, I’m not done seeing the world. I want to get a job and somehow travel at the same time (see why cruise ships).

But also…

I want to just…have a *GIANT GARDEN*.

Like, a huge one, where I could actually, like, sustain myself with it?

One of my dreams in life is to just…not have a lawn but a huge bed of basil. All kinds of basil. I could go out and grab a bunch of basil and make myself fresh pesto and it would be beautiful.

And if I had a bed of basil, I might as well just have garlic and onions as well, because, for real, home-grown pesto.

I just really like growing seeds.

Not really, gardening, or trees that much, but seeds.

Because plants know exactly what they need to do. It’s kind of incredibly beautiful.

Then, one morning, you can walk out, and it’s just like…Plant. How did you get so big? Yesterday, you were non-existant. Nothing was out of the ground yesterday. So, how can you already be two inches tall today?

I think one of the most amazing things was when I was out transplanting stuff, and there was this bean plant, and I looked over and said hello to it, and it was all curled up still.

I finished transplanting stuff, and it had unfurled a leaf.

In like. One hour. Maybe two.

I don’t even know.


Plants are *cool*.


2 thoughts on “A Moment for Conflicting Desires

  1. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen was in High School Biology. We looked at slices of potatoes under a microscope and you could still see the cells dividing!

    Sometimes I still wish I had gone down the Botany track instead of IT… :/


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